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    It's been a while since the last post and I've been busy the last year beefing up the infrastructure as well as working on some projects. I had a lot of time to reflect on the state of FaceWAN the last year and am continuing to put up servers and also revisit some of the classic games. Now on to the updates & projects!

    > Garry's Mod 9

    Last year I put up the classic GMod9 Build & RP servers for those that are interested. More info in this thread:
    I noticed that interest has peaked this year for GMod9 in the form of "scary" YouTube videos and am thrilled people are reviving interest in the game. The server information is below:

    FaceWAN GMod9 Build

    FaceWAN GMod9 RP

    > Counter-Strike: Source

    Just earlier this morning I put up another Counter-Strike: Source server, it's a Minigames server! I used to run a Minigames server years ago for a friend and it was too fun to let die, so I've brought it back as a FaceWAN server! Let me know what you think and any suggestions for maps/plugins/etc. The server information is below:

    FaceWAN CS:S Minigames

    > FaceServers

    You may have seen FaceServers pop up a few times here and there, and I'll explain what I've been doing. Back in 2008, I was selling game servers as [FaceServers]. During the forced Datacenter move in 2010, I lost the server infrastructure I had set up to host servers for other people, and was only able to host servers for FaceWAN. Another downside of this move was the large additional cost to run FaceWAN, and as you know, it all came out of my pocket for many years to keep everything running. I tried paid admins for some years and realized it was a really bad idea, I needed another way to lessen the cost to keep FaceWAN running, and I absolutely refuse to run ads or put ads on the server/website. After some thinking, I figured a way to get some of the money back I've been spending to keep everything running: selling game servers! As the years went on, & leading up to last year, I saw now that I have all of the infrastructure needed to sell game servers again!

    All the years of experience hosting game servers for FaceWAN and all the custom performance tweaks, monitoring, control panels and security are now available to anyone that wants a game server. Me and some of the Super Admins have been working on FaceServers since last year and have launched the service some months ago. Specific games servers are available right now for immediate setup, and more to come! Check out the website @ for more information!

    > Extra

    As always, everyone is welcome to come by and chat on Discord at Thanks to those that pushed me to continue on with FaceWAN! Here's to the years to come!