Garry's Mod 9 servers Returning!

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    So, it's been 6 years since I shut down the Gmod9 servers and it was a tough decision at the time, but I didn't have the resources to keep them up if there were going to be few players. A year after I shut the servers down, I ended up consolidating all my servers and getting better, current generation hardware, giving me tons of resources to put servers up and keep them running. By this point, I had lost all my backups of the original Gmod9 server files that had worked, and could not put the old servers back up. (as Gmod9 is based on the Source SDK 2006 and needs fixes to work today.) I decided then that the idea of putting up Gmod9 servers again would be put on pause, and returned to at some later time.

    Now it's 2020, the old (broken) server hard drives I thought I sent out for destruction found their way back to me, so I decided to run some recovery programs against them. After a few weeks, I had a copy of the old server complete with custom LUA scripts, maps, mods and everything. I had tried to get the server working using my old files but either I got the server running and it kept crashing, or it would run but I couldn't connect, so I put it off for another few weeks to revisit. It turns out that an old Gmod9 FaceWAN member Crazy Builder had the same idea and had got a server working, but did not have the old maps, mods and LUA scripts. We started talking a week ago and after some playing around I've got the old FaceWAN Build server up and running again! You can actually download and install the version of Gmod9 here on the forums and apply the fix here, open up the internet tab and join the server (currently it's the only Gmod9 server up.)

    Due to the changes in the base Source Engine currently and the move to Steam Pipe (moving from GCF files to VPK) this has broken the loading of content from HL2 Deathmatch and Counter-Strike: Source resulting in the missing textures in the UI, missing skyboxes on some maps and general weirdness in the game. I am currently working on a completely fixed version with these missing assets included in the game as well as all the mods the server has. I plan to pack up and release this fixed version and put it up for everyone to download so that they can relive the Gmod9 experience in 2020.

    If anyone is interested in helping with this project or has any questions, drop by the Discord and chat.

    UPDATE 10/15/20 7AM EST - Working together with everyone in the Discord, I have got 95% of the way finished with the fixes/updates needed to make Gmod9 playable again! We will release this repackaged version soon. After that, we will begin working on an auto-installer script to create your own dedicated server, which will download the content and apply fixes.
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