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    Recently we found a really good deal with OVH on a dedicated server that matches the current price we pay, but offers much much more in terms of resources. Right now with Awknet, we only have a server with a Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. OVH offers a server with a 6 core Xeon processor and 128GB of RAM for the same price. We have purchased the server from OVH and put up a few servers as a test, the results were very good; a stable connection and no drops. This new server now allows us to host servers for more games and put up more servers for current games!

    I have moved all of the servers over to the OVH box and turned the servers on, so your favorites should update with the new IP in the next few days. Until everyone gets the new server IPs, there is a plugin on the old servers that will redirect you to the new servers if you join the old ones.

    The servers are now located in Quebec; Canada on the East Coast, just outside of the US. Pings may vary from location, but we have seen overall better ping times from most places (even countries outside the US!).

    Here is a list of the new server IP addresses:

    FaceWAN Garry's Mod Build
    (This server is not ready yet.)

    FaceWAN CS:S Surf

    FaceWAN CS:S Surf Deathmatch

    FaceWAN CS:S Bhop

    FaceWAN CS:S Gungame

    FaceWAN CS:GO Surf

    FaceWAN CS:GO Armsrace
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    (In all seriousness, WOOOO!)