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    Server Rules
    The rules set forth are to be followed by all players.

    1. No Disrespect
    2. No DMing. This means no excessive killing.
    3. No revenge killing
    4. No Spamming. This is all types of spamming(mic, vote, props, chat)
    5. No Blocking of anything.
    6. No prop abuse (killing people getting people stuck)
    7. Listen To Admin.
    8. False ban request will result in you getting banned.

    Cops are to keep the peace. If you are a bad cop you will be made a citizen and punished accordingly. Cops are not body guards unless a person is Mayor or President. I.E. Cops are not to be used to stand guard while you build something.
    1. No arresting anyone just for the fun of it.(person has to be wanted or committed crime.)
    2. No stunning with out reason (person has to be wanted or committed crime and is evading arrest.)
    3. No ramming doors with out permission unless a fugitive is inside. Or it is a jammed door such as a hospital door.
    4. Don't throw people around when they are stunned. If a person is stunned then you take straight to jail or court.
    5. Maximum sentence given to any player is 5 min in jail or death or 500 dollar fine.

    As a citizen you are to live life like a normal person. You can have any job in the world. You are expected to follow everyday rules and any server rules.
    1. If you break the rules you will be punished (arrested, fined, executed.)
    2. Disconnecting and reconnecting to get out of jail will result in a ban. First offense will be a 1 hour ban and go up from their.
    3. Killing yourself to get out of jail is same as rule 2.

    This list of rules is under construction so changes may be made so read it at least once a week. Thread will be locked so if you want something added send me a message. All suggestions will be considered but may not be used.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.