Requesting new maps, explanation of admin subscriptions & more

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    It's been a little while since the last post, and I've been doing a lot of upgrades and things behind the scenes, making sure that FaceWAN runs smooth and the servers are solid. Here are the highlights.

    New maps for CS:GO Surf server(s):

    I have posted a request for adding new maps to the CS:GO Surf servers(s) here. I suggest reading this and letting me know what you think.

    Explanation of admin subscriptions:

    I just want to clear up why we currently have a subscription you can pay for to get admin, as I've heard some people stating we should just accept admin apps or that its stupid and you only get kids. I do agree with the fact that some people will buy admin just for the power or other things benefiting only them, but there are a fair amount of good admins that stick around and make a difference. Know that anyone buying an admin subscription is watched by the Super Mods and me for signs of abuse (and their usage is tracked in SM.)

    The main reason I started admin subscriptions years back was to at least get some money to cover server costs, even if its like 1/4th the total bill every month, its something. I pay for everything out of my own pocket (~$220/mo), and I'd never beg people for money, that's just pathetic. The money from admin subscriptions ends up going right into the server bill each month. I will NEVER put ads on this site or on the servers, because ads are the cancer of the internet and obnoxious as fuck. I think that nobody should ever have to deal with ads for an online service.

    That being said, I have thought of getting rid of admin subscriptions and opening admin applications (or have both) at some point, or even selling some Virtual Servers or Game Servers (to friends/trusted members), not sure where I'll go with that yet.

    Site updates / Background updates:

    In the last few months, I've moved the game servers to a fresh Linux server running the latest OS with better tools to manage the game servers. This allows the game servers to run smoother and be able to correctly auto-update when a game update hits (no more waiting for me to update.) I have also taken the time to improve the firewall rules and remove anything unnecessary.

    I moved the website (and all web related services including database) to its own server, so that the all the game servers run separate from the website (and everything else). This speeds up game server performance as well, because if the game servers have a lot of players on, it won't slow down site performance and vice versa.

    The admin panel was completed and made live last month, there has been a separate post about that in the admin forum about it.

    Additionally, I'm currently working on a few things for admins in Discord that will allow for easier moderation of the servers outside of just text chat.
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    On a serious note, well done with all the stuff as usual. Since I pretty much know everything here I don't have to act like its the first time hearing it.
    Great job.