New Event System + New CSGO Competitive Event

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    18/7/14 Update - The event has been delayed to July 16th at 1:00 PM EST. Disregard the time mentioned in the announcement below. The links have been changed though, so feel free to use those.

    After receiving some criticism from players, Espeon and I have decided to setup a Steam group specifically for events within this community. The Steam discussion feature will be used as a way to have people signup for events to make things easier for the event moderators and you guys, as you won't have to post on the forums to signup. The Steam group can be found here. It is not necessary to join the group in order to sign up for events, you can post in the event signup section without being a member of the group. In fact, you should only really join the group if you want frequent updates on new events, event updates, and results of events. Please be respectful when posting there or else you will be banned from the group discussion and the entire community.

    With that said and done, I have decided to setup frequent CSGO matches on the competitive server, the first one we're having is on Dust2 and is happening 1:00 PM EST on July 19th. This is just meant to be a fun little event that anyone can signup for, much like last time. Teamspeak will be required like the last event. For the information page on the Steam group, go here. For signups, please go here.

    For the most part, I will not be using the news section to be posting more event info, so keep an eye on both Steam groups for clues as to when events will happen and the server events section on this forum. Hope to see some of you guys signing up for the new event.
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