FaceWAN Trouble In Terrorist Town Now Up!

Discussion in 'News/Updates' started by Uragan, Dec 28, 2012.

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    After a good amount of time working with it, we have finally gotten a test server for TTT up for people to play.

    What exactly is Trouble In Terrorist Town?

    Trouble In Terrorist Town is a gamemode on Garry's Mod. There are a bunch of terrorists on a map but there are traitors among them. The innocents have no clue who the traitors are, that is, until the first person is killed by a traitor. The traitors must kill all the innocents hopefully undetected. The innocents must find out who the traitors are before they are all killed; they cannot kill anyone randomly though by guessing. Sometimes, after the player count reaches a certain amount, detectives are brought in to help the innocents find out who the traitors are. Detectives have various tools to help them such as DNA scanners, health stations, and some extra firepower.

    What do I need to play Trouble In Terrorist Town?

    You need a copy of Garry's Mod which can be bought here and a copy of Counter-Strike: Source which you most likely already have but can be bought here if you do not own it. After buying and installing those games, you can join the server by connecting to this(you must launch Garry's Mod first in order for that link to work).

    What are the rules?

    The rules are pretty straightforward but here they are anyways:

    1. Do not RDM.
    2. Do not hack.
    3. Respect all players.
    4. Use common sense.

    The server is bland; is anything going to be added to the server?

    Yes, over the course of time we will be adding new maps and weapons to play on. You may have noticed that we are only running CSS maps now, we're only doing this because FastDL must be configured first. I am working to rebalance all the weapons to make them more fun.

    Can I help out the server in any way?

    Yes, you can help out by giving suggestions and criticism. It will help me make the server much better and more unique. Leave a comment in this thread if you wish to give criticism.