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    Disregard anything below, this event has been delayed to an unknown date. Keep an eye on the announcements for more information.

    This event has reached the limit for signups, if you would like to reserve a slot in case someone leaves, you may do so on the thread linked below.

    With the FaceWAN competitive server being launched today, I have decided to setup a competitive event for July 5th, 12:00 PM EST. This event accepts all skill groups of people within the FaceWAN community and after a while, it might expand to certain people outside of the community if we do not have enough players. The event itself is a 5v5 competitive match with teams assigned by me personally(I am doing my best to make sure teams are balanced). The game is best of three matches and the matches are best of 30 rounds. The first match takes place on de_inferno, the second match on de_mirage, and the third match on de_dust2.

    For more information and signups, be sure to visit the official thread which can be found here
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