Auto Bunny Hopping and Admin Calling is here!

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    Me and my sexy boy Espeon have been workin' on getting you guys some sweet features and I'm excited to announce them to you!

    I have created a plugin that essentially does the following:
    Auto bunny hopping is now by default ON.
    This means you can consistently and accurately hit a bhop by simply holding your space bar down.
    HOWEVER, I have also limited this ability to FOUR (4) hops before you are punished and your velocity returns to ZERO (0.00).

    So essentially, once you surpass the running velocity/speed of 260 units every hop you make is counted and once you hit the global default of FOUR hops, you are punished and your speed is essentially nullified.

    This not only makes scripts completely useless now but also introduces the ability to finally be able to bunny hop those pesky skill surf maps without anyone needing to turn on the auto bunny hop anymore.
    You can also use this to your advantage. If you count your enemies hops and you know his fourth stops him, you can wait for that fourth hop and gun him the fuck down!
    The second plugin we've created (mostly thanks to Espeon) is a call admin feature!
    Is a player breaking rules, being an ass hat or hacking ?
    Is there no big boy admin to deal with that fuck head online ?
    Simply type !calladmin or /calladmin (this is better, as its invisible to everyone) and choose the assigned choices and one of us will most likely be on our way ASAP.

    Abusing this WILL result in a ban however, so please don't do that.

    Thanks and I hope you're all happy with these changes!
    (Feedback on discord would be appreciated.)
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