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Discussion in 'News/Updates' started by l337Espeon, Apr 24, 2019.

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    After years of saying the new website is coming, I finally found a design that fit FaceWAN. The front of the website has been the same since FaceWAN started back in 2006. I've wanted to put something new up, but being terrible at web design, I could never make anything that was a fit. Some people had thrown me designs over the years, but they just didn't fit after playing around with them in tests. I asked a web designer friend over the last few weeks if he wanted to help me make a mock-up of the new website design and what he gave me was exactly what I've been searching for. It's mobile device friendly and is up to current design standards. I also took the time to change some links and add the Steam Community and Discord links.

    I will be working on theming the forums with this design to make it more fluid with the main website now that there is an actual website design, so look forward to seeing that in the next month.