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    Hello to anyone that still visits this once awesome website. I used to play on the FaceWAN servers back in 07-10 as CRAZY BUILDER, maybe some remember me, doesn't really matter.

    I was able to figure out how to get a Gmod 9.0.4 dedicated server running (took some time and i'm currently documenting the mess it took to get it working so it can be archived somewhere lol) and I wanted to know if A N Y B O D Y on planet earth still has a GM9 prop protection mod saved/stored somewhere. I've seen a few potential links (including in this website) but surprisingly (not really lol, it's been a sun burning minute) none of the links work anymore. If somebody can upload a prop protection mod (or any other lost gmod 9 mods) I would extremely appreciate it. I'm planning on creating a "LAST GMOD 9 SERVER" to just keep up until... well.. Until it is literally impossible to host a Gmod 9 server anymore due to os/hardware moving on.

    UPDATE: Just in case anyone else wants to make a Gmod 9 server
    Attached is a guide on how to get a Gmod 9 server working, what's not included is port forwarding, but you can search a modern gmod tutorial on that since it's still on 27015

    The only thing I missed out is launching the server, just create a Batch file in the same location with the srcds.exe file and put "srcds.exe -console -game gmod9 +map gm_construct +maxplayers 16"

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    I had an archived backup of all my old servers on a 1TB hard drive that died somewhere in 2014 and have been recently going through all my old server drives (over the years from 2006-2010.) Slowly I have recovered bits of Gmod9 server files from years ago including the old LUA scripts we used, copygun saves, and even the SQL system for admins/bans. I am also interested lately in bringing up a Gmod9 server again and have more than enough hosting space in memory/cpu/disk/network now. I'd like to work together to make this idea happen. Contact me on Discord https://facewan.com/chat or DM here on the forums and we can talk further about bringing this classic back to life.