Garry's Mod Building/Posing Contest

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    That's right folks, we're finally setting up another event for the community. Here is a simple summary of what will be going on:

    Event Description:

    This contest is about showing off your creativity in Garry's Mod by building or posing. You will have two hours and thirty minutes on a server that we will have setup (do not worry about trolls or assholes, the server will have a whitelist or password). The thirty minutes will be there for you to plan your build and if necessary, spawn props that you will use. The two hours after will be just two hours of pure building or posing.

    After the two hours are up, you will be stopped and two-four judges will judge your creation based on the aesthetics, how much you challenged yourself, and how experienced you are in Garry's Mod. Scores will be averaged and the user with the highest score from all judges will win. You will have access to all the important stuff for building, Wiremod, tools, props, and basic Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source content.

    We strongly encourage people both experienced and inexperienced with Garry's Mod to sign up for this event. There are no restrictions on what you can build as long as you follow the rules.



    This event is cancelled due to a lack of people signing up, sorry.
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