FaceWAN's response to malicious individuals

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    I don't ever want to put up a call out post, but the turn of events from these recent malicious individuals is just so absurd that people need to be warned. During the last few weeks, some people from former NoVaVeterans management with staff from Kelham Technologies [their host] have been trying to create a community called DarklandServers using all the wrong methods (example: spamvertisement.) They had put us in their community "trusted" servers without exactly asking and asked for us to do the same as a Cooperative thing. I was busy for the last week and it seems that their plans changed from Cooperative to Compete, asking us to not host the GMod9 gamemode they gave us so that they can host it instead. This not only seemed like a back-ended slap in the face, but made us feel like they just wanted our traffic into their community to shove off and do the same thing to compete against FaceWAN (after they got their fill of players.) We had talks with them about this and then got met with nothing but toxicity and "fight him" memes in their Discord, at that point we removed them from our community and halted any cooperation with this community. They then went to the lengths of trying to get our admin team to delete servers behind everyone's back. This is completely unacceptable and we will not stand for such childish behavior. We have been a very accepting community since 2006 to present and are actively trying to better things for FaceWAN including recently getting our own hardware to keep things running smoothly. When people come along and do this, it really ruins trust in gaming communities, much like cheating in a game makes it not fun for everyone else. This is a reminder that we do not tolerate this behavior in our community and swiftly work to keep things clean.

    UPDATE 8/29/23: As of Tuesday, August 29th 2023 people from these communities are trying to start fights and spamming everyone in FaceWAN with some agenda we do not condone. This community is not the place for such acts and only solidifies the point of this post. We do not take kindly to such childish and malicious actions. I will also add that when the leader of a community decides to allow such malicious behavior, that it reflects poorly on the community as a whole and shakes the trust in said community - that is something you deal with as a leader. All we wanted was for FaceWAN to become more active and start running events again, but we have to deal with this and it saddens us to see such chaos. Hopefully people can learn to chill out, give it some time and reflect on this chain of events. Have a scene from HL2 to equate the madness of some people:

    UPDATE 9/6/23: These individuals are now claiming that we have made it so nobody can set up their own servers for Gmod9. This is an outright lie they are fabricating so they can steal FaceWAN's specific server files to configuration. We have released countless guides on setting up your own servers. If they contact you about this, please direct them to this page and tell them to stop harassing FaceWAN, as we are not interested in any further communication from them. We will not back down from this stance and will continue to defend FaceWAN and its members from such people.

    UPDATE 9/18/23: One individual continues to cause issues, even trying to spam friend requests on Discord while I'm working. To said individual, I have stated that he is not to contact me or any community members to further harass them and spread false information that we have started drama that was all from his side. This also lines up with several reports from community members that he is demanding FaceWAN's private files or they will be banned (from their community.) If we wanted to start drama, said individual would have been named, but we respect people in this world and give them the benefit of the doubt. The individuals still continue every so often and will not drop it. When asked why, the response is they do not care about FaceWAN, but still bring up drama. I caution anyone interacting with these individuals, as they love to twist words and incite arguments without reason or basis.