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heheheehe Jul 23, 2015

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    1. Ownage
    2. Ownage
    3. Mr.Wolf
      Thanks alot Ownage :) Highly appreciated.
    4. Ownage
      Coolpoof is correct, I don't give two shits. Fact is you have to live with it if you want to play here. So shove it up your ass shut the fuck up and play or get the fuck out.
    5. Mr.Wolf
      I don't think ownage gives the slightest fuck so shut it.
    6. FaithLynn
      I don't like you.

    7. RWTFallen
      hey man its been a wile since ive been on facwan
      youve probably forgoten about me though hint: FaceWAN Jon
    8. ShamWOW!!!
      hey ownage I got an idea tell me what ya think...we need a link on the main forums page to help people get to the social groups. I think the groups would have a lot more people visit them if there was a link to take you to various clubs. If it is an issue that there aren't enough clubs to have it's own link, then let me assure you I am going to be putting up a movie club, and a youtube video club soon. I know people ask me when I invite them to the music club, where to find it, and I usually have to tell them to go to my profile and get in from there. peace :D
    9. Dr. Professor
      Dr. Professor
      Hey man, Got pay pal yesterday but they need to confirm my account. They said it could take up to 2 days and it did it at night so i could have to wait until Friday. Thought i would give you a heads up. Sorry for this taking so long...... Hit me up later
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